Wp Index

The Wp index was proposed by Nose et al. [2012] to measure the Pi2 wave power at low latitude. It is derived from 1-s geomagnetic field variations in the H component measured at 11 stations at low latitude.

Data Citation
Citation: World Data Center for Geomagnetism, Kyoto, and M. Nose (2016), Geomagnetic Wp index, doi:10.17593/13437-46800
General Characteristics
Parameters: Geomagnetic index
Processing level: Final
Temporal resolution: 1 minute
Start date: 2005-01-01T00:00:00
Stop date: 1 minute, before Present
Observatory Location
Observatory: Ebro
Latitude: 40.82°
Longitude: 0.50°
Observatory: Fuerstenfeldbruck
Latitude: 48.17°
Longitude: 11.28°
Observatory: Iznik
Latitude: 40.50°
Longitude: 29.73°
Observatory: Urumqi
Latitude: 43.80°
Longitude: 87.80°
Observatory: Learmonth
Latitude: -22.22°
Longitude: 114.10°
Observatory: Kakioka
Latitude: 36.23°
Longitude: 140.19°
Observatory: Canberra
Latitude: -35.32°
Longitude: 149.36°
Observatory: Honolulu
Latitude: 21.32°
Longitude: -158.0°
Observatory: Tuscon
Latitude: 32.17°
Longitude: -110.73°
Observatory: San Juan
Latitude: 18.11°
Longitude: -66.15°
Observatory: Tristan da Cunha
Latitude: -37.25°
Longitude: -12.5°
(Note: Latitudes and longitudes are expressed in decimal degrees. Eastern longitudes and Northern latitudes are positive.)
Citation & Contact Information
Acknowledgements: Please cite with doi when and where appropriate. Also please acknowledge the geomagnetic observatories.
Contact Persons: Masahito Nose
Wp Index: http://www.isee.nagoya-u.ac.jp/~nose.masahito/s-cubed/
Data files and plots can be downloaded from this link.
Derivation Scheme of Wp index: http://doi.org/10.1029/2012SW000785
Research paper published by Nose et al. [2012].
DOI: 10.17593/13437-46800
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How to Cite Datasets: http://www.dcc.ac.uk/resources/how-guides/cite-datasets
Ball, A. and M. Duke [2011], How to cite datasets and link to publications, DCC How-to Guides, Edinburgh: Digital Curation Centre.
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