AE Index

The AE index was proposed by Davis and Sugiura [1966] to measure a global electrojet activity in the auroral zone. It is derived from geomagnetic field variations in the H component measured at 12 stations along the auroral zone in the northern hemisphere.

Data Citation
Citation: World Data Center for Geomagnetism, Kyoto, M. Nose, T. Iyemori, M. Sugiura, T. Kamei (2015), Geomagnetic AE index, doi:10.17593/15031-54800
General Characteristics
Parameters: Geomagnetic index
Processing level: Final
Temporal resolution: 1 minute
Start date: 1975-01-01T00:00:00
Stop date: 1 minute, before Present
Observatory Location
Observatory: Abisko
Latitude: 68.36°
Longitude: 18.82°
Observatory: Dixon Island
Latitude: 73.55°
Longitude: 80.57°
Observatory: Cape Chelyuskin
Latitude: 77.72°
Longitude: 104.28°
Observatory: Tixie Bay
Latitude: 71.58°
Longitude: 129.00°
Observatory: Pebek
Latitude: 70.09°
Longitude: 170.93°
Observatory: Barrow
Latitude: 71.30°
Longitude: -156.75°
Observatory: College
Latitude: 64.87°
Longitude: -147.83°
Observatory: Yellowknife
Latitude: 62.40°
Longitude: -114.40°
Observatory: Fort Churchill
Latitude: 58.80°
Longitude: -94.10°
Observatory: Sanikiluaq
Latitude: 56.5°
Longitude: -79.2°
Observatory: Narssarssuaq
Latitude: 61.20°
Longitude: -45.84°
Observatory: Leirvogur
Latitude: 64.18°
Longitude: -21.7°
(Note: Latitudes and longitudes are expressed in decimal degrees. Eastern longitudes and Northern latitudes are positive.)
Citation & Contact Information
Acknowledgements: Please cite with doi when and where appropriate. Also please acknowledge the geomagnetic observatories (Abisko, Dixon Island, Cape Chelyuskin, Tixie Bay, Pebek, Barrow, College, Yellowknife, Fort Churchill, Sanikiluaq, Narssarssuaq, and Leirvogur). The provisonal and realtime values are subject to change; thus please use the updated values.
Contact Persons: Masahito Nose(orcid:0000-0002-2789-3588), Masahisa Sugiura, Toyohisa Kamei, Toshihiko Iyemori
Final AE Index:
Data files and plots can be downloaded from this link.
Provisional AE Index:
Data files and plots can be downloaded from this link.
Realtime AE Index:
Plots can be downloaded from this link.
Derivation Scheme of AE index:
Description in the Data Book No 25, "Auroral electrojet indices (Provisional AE) 1992", 1998
DOI: 10.17593/15031-54800
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Ball, A. and M. Duke [2011], How to cite datasets and link to publications, DCC How-to Guides, Edinburgh: Digital Curation Centre.
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