Manually scaled parameters of Ionogram at Kokubunji, Japan

Ionospheric parameters are manually scaled from ionograms which are obtained at Kokubunji, Tokyo, Japan by the swept frequency ionosonde for the range between 1 and 30 MHz.. Scaled parameters are the ordinary-mode critical frequencies (foE, foF1, foF2) and the minimum virtual heights (h'E, h'F1, h'F2) corresponding to E (90-120 km), and F (> 120km) layers of the ionosphere; and the minimum observation frequency (fmin), which can be a measure of the D (80-90 km) region electron density; the F layer transmission factor for the distance of 3000 km (M(3000)F2, M(3000)F1); and the sporadic E parameters (foEs, h'Es), if it exists. These parameters are manually scaled by experienced specialists every one hour. Time is Japanese Standard Time (JST), which is UTC+9 hours. Detailed explanation and interpretation of ionograms are found in "U.R.S.I. Handbook of Ionogram Interpretation and Reduction, Report UAG-23A (1972)."

Data Citation
Citation: World Data Center for Inosphere and Spaceweather, Ionospheric parameters scaled manually from an ionosonde in Kokubunji, Japan, doi:10.17594/567ced454d15b
General Characteristics
Parameters: ionospheric parameters
Processing level:
Temporal resolution: 1 hour
Start date: 1957-07-01T00:00:00
Stop date: 1 hour, before Present
Observatory Location
Observatory: Kokubunji
Latitude: 35.71°
Longitude: 139.49°
(Note: Latitudes and longitudes are expressed in decimal degrees. Eastern longitudes and Northern latitudes are positive.)
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Acknowledgements: If you plan to publish a paper and/or have a presentation using our data, please contact us before submission. We would like to discuss about joint authorship or acknowledgement.
Contact Persons: Mamoru Ishii
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DOI: 10.17594/567ced454d15b
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