Automatically scaled parameters of Ionogram at Okinawa, Japan

Ionospheric parameters are automatically scaled from ionograms which are obtained at Okinawa, Japan by the swept frequency ionosonde for the range between 1 and 30 MHz. Scaled parameters are the ordinary-mode critical frequencies (foE, foF1, foF2) and the minimum virtual heights (h'E, h'F1, h'F2) corresponding to E (90-120 km), and F (> 120km) layers of the ionosphere; and the minimum observation frequency (fmin), which can be a measure of the D (80-90 km) region electron density. These parameters are obtained by the pattern recognition method basically every 15 minutes. Time is Japanese Standard Time (JST), which is UTC+9 hours. Detailed explanation and interpretation of ionograms are found in "U.R.S.I. Handbook of Ionogram Interpretation and Reduction, Report UAG-23A (1972)."

Data Citation
Citation: World Data Center for Inosphere and Spaceweather, Ionospheric parameters scaled automatically from an ionosonde in Okinawa, Japan, doi:10.17594/5704b8ce63d3b
General Characteristics
Parameters: Ionospheric parameters
Processing level:
Temporal resolution: 15 minutes
Start date: 1992-01-01T00:00:00
Stop date: 15 minutes, before Present
Observatory Location
Observatory: Kagoshima
Latitude: 26.68°
Longitude: 128.15°
(Note: Latitudes and longitudes are expressed in decimal degrees. Eastern longitudes and Northern latitudes are positive.)
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Acknowledgements: If you plan to publish a paper and/or have a presentation using our data, please contact us before submission. We would like to discuss about joint authorship or acknowledgement.
Contact Persons: Mamoru Ishii
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DOI: 10.17594/5704b8ce63d3b
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