Kanoya geomagnetic field 1-minute digital data in IAGA-2002 format

The geomagnetic field 1-minute digital data observed at Kanoya (KNY) in IAGA-2002 format. Data file comprises: Twelve mandatory file header records, Unlimited optional comment records, One mandatory data header record, A series of data records. Every record is 70 characters long plus the machine-dependent carriage return / line feed. Details of the format is described at http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/IAGA/vdat/iagaformat.html.

Data Citation
Citation: Kakioka Magnetic Observatory, 2013, Kanoya geomagnetic field 1-minute digital data in IAGA-2002 format, [dataset], Kakioka Magnetic Observatory Digital Data Service, doi:10.48682/186fd.3f000
General Characteristics
Parameters: Geomagnetic field
Processing level: Definitive
Temporal resolution: 1 minute
Start date: 1985-01-01T00:00:00
Stop date: 1 month, before Present
Observatory Location
Observatory: Kanoya Magnetic Observatory
Latitude: 31.424°
Longitude: 130.88°
(Note: Latitudes and longitudes are expressed in decimal degrees. Eastern longitudes and Northern latitudes are positive.)
Citation & Contact Information
Acknowledgements: If the data are used in publications and presentations, the Kakioka Magnetic Observatory of the Japan Meteorological Agency should be acknowledged properly.
Contact Persons: Technical Division of the Kakioka Magnetic Observatory
Data download: https://www.kakioka-jma.go.jp/obsdata/metadata/en/products/list/mag/kny
Data files can be downloaded from this link.
DOI: 10.48682/186fd.3f000
Digital Object Identifier
How to Cite Datasets: https://www.dcc.ac.uk/resources/how-guides/cite-datasets
Ball, A. and M. Duke [2011], How to cite datasets and link to publications, DCC How-to Guides, Edinburgh: Digital Curation Centre.
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